Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Great Wolf Lodge

Hi! We just returned home tonight after a 3-day family get-away to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas, so I thought I'd share some pictures. After a stressful summer moving, the time away was long over-due. We planned the trip with our friends who also have 2 young boys: Ben (left) is 2 years old & Jack (middle) is 3 1/2 years old:

Our honeymoon was WONDERFUL, and Chad & I have taken many fun trips, but this is definitely now one of my favorite trips! Not only because it was our first family vacation, but just because it was 3 relaxed days enjoying Cade...3 days without any parent-toddler power struggles trying to make him fit into our schedules or behave in our stores, restaurants, etc. We were laid-back & did everything the KIDS wanted in a wonderfully family-friendly environment. I DEFINITELY recommend Great Wolf Lodge as a family-friendly destination!

Of course the swimming was fun (we took a disposable, waterproof camera, so I hope to get more pics up soon), but here are some other highlights:
  • Kiddie pool with all kinds of water dumping, shooting, splashing, etc features, where Cade loved pulling this rope to dump water on Daddy.
  • Dunking a "ball" in the basketball hoops and sitting on a "sssssss"nake in the activity pool.
  • Howling like a wolf when the waves were coming in the wave pool.
  • Stomping on the floor to see the wolf prints follow us through a floor-projection.
  • Bedtime stories & songs with a singing "Moose" in the lobby.
  • Our funniest memory was EVERY walk through the hotel lobby, halls, etc where they were playing fun dance music, where Cade would stop & dance, dance, dance!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Are you checking the blog?

Ok girls, here is my opportunity to see if you are checking the blog.

As you know I have been substitute teaching for the last few years. I really enjoy the kids and love making a positive difference. I subbed last week in the boys class. They have been having trouble with their new teacher. Everyone in the class. She yells at them etc... Out of 10 days of school the whole class has missed recess 3 times. After I subbed last Friday, I had 4 moms say their kids came home excited about school and that they really wished I was their teacher. Don't think I was a push over. I just think their teacher is too young and doesn't know how to control the classroom. This is her second year teaching. She told Dayne's mom last week she really wasn't too interested in getting a job this year until Dusty called and offered her the position. I'm so sad for the kids.

Anyway I called yesterday to see about the alternative teacher certification program. I would have to get certified in business first then I could test out in any field.

My dilemma is do I want a full time job? This would limit my availability to do t-shirts and go on trips with Tim, but all my kids are in school now and I really get bored. By taking the tests etc.. I would also be eligible to fill in for maternity leaves and medical leaves. The cost isn't much he said around $400.

What do you think I should do?


Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend with Yogi!

Wow! What a great Labor Day Weekend! We spent the weekend at Lake Eufala at the Yogi Bear Campground. This place is really new. The pool was awesome. It is one of those zero entry pools and at night they played movies on the side of the building. You could watch the movies while laying in the pool! I so want one of those here at home.

For the bargain price of $35 a night. The seven of us (Jessi brought her friend Shealynn) could swim in pool, play as many games of putt-putt as we wanted and enjoy the beautiful views of the lake.

The two drawbacks were 1. the railroad was about 100 yards away and I bet 12 trains a day went by, 2. the sites were terribly close together. It wasn't unbearable but still a little close. The trains weren't bad if we were in the coach. It seems to be really insulated well.

They also had an awesome playground in the water of the lake. It was a slide with another round balancing disk. The kids really enjoyed this. They also had several paddle boats that you could use for free.

We really had a great time. Oh yeah. No cable TV either. Can you believe we went all weekend with no TV.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend.

Love you!