Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cade's 3rd Birthday Circus

I don't know why it's cutting the right side off? So, here's the youtube url:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday to Cade

We started the day with cupcakes for breakfast.

Look at my cutie pie...three years old...I can't believe it!

We spent the morning at Dynamo Gymnastics' Play Zone.
Cade had a ball. Camden slept the entire 90 minutes.

We ate lunch at home & spent the afternoon playing with all Cade's toys & watching his newest favorite movie, Toy Story, again & again.

For dinner, we went to Chuck E. Cheese's.
Cade had a ball. Camden slept the entire time we were there.
(This is the same picture, but I thought it was funny to share!)
He is such a good baby!

Then we came home to sing Happy Birthday, blow out candles, & open presents.
Here's my cutie pie with his Toy Story ball.
He also got a Toy Story remote control car AND...
a REAL Buzz Lightyear!
(The camera batteries died before we got a picture of him, sorry!)

whew...what a day! and we still have his party to go...
See you all at our Circus Party!

Friday, October 16, 2009


YEA! Ethan finally made the trip to Oklahoma! What a cutie pie & oh, so sweet!
and that hair...no fair! :)

Camden (5 weeks) & Ethan (4 weeks)

Brady (2 weeks shy of 4 years old) & Cade (1 week shy of 3 years old)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

happy 1 month birthday, Camden

It sounds cliche, but it really is hard to believe Camden is one month old. Time is flying by, yet I don't remember my life without him in it! Okay, so I do remember the sleep :) but we are so thankful to hold this precious little one in our arms.

Camden finally gets to meet GREAT-Grandma Mim & GREAT-Grandpa Jay!

After a productive Friday with Chad's help at home & a decent night's sleep, I sent Chad to Norman to enjoy at least one tailgate & football game this season, and I headed to Enid to finally take Camden to meet GREAT-Grandma Mim & GREAT-Grandpa Jay.

Grandma was just thrilled to hold & rock & cuddle & coo our little Camden. Camden is her 13th or 14 great-grandbabies, so she definitely has the touch! He really doesn't ever just cuddle up on anyone's shoulder when he is fussy, but she had a way to get him to settle in. *awww* So sweet!

BUT seeing the tears in Grandpa's eyes when he got to hold Camden... *gulp* These are the moments I'll never forget.

So those weren't the only times I was choking back tears during our visit:
  • When Cade spilled his chocolate milk on their carpet while I was nursing, I wanted to cry.
  • When Grandma & I were 'fighting' about which of us shouldn't be on the floor cleaning it up... really!
  • When Cade knocked over the glass tree and the glass vase 2 times on their glass coffee table... Poor Cade, he really was good while we were there. It's just that, as I told Kati, I felt like a bull in a china 'shop'. (How is THAT, Abby?)
There isn't much I can think of to take to entertain Cade for very long at their house. Fortunately, he loves going for a 'ride' with Grandma. Thankfully, she (acts like) she loves doing it. The basket under her seat works great for some make-shift basketball, too. He also gets a big kick out of using their pole-grabber-thingies, too.
I just hope they use a full bottle of Lysol & Clorox wipes on EVERY surface after we go. :(

Here's the other funny thing: I had to take a picture of all the stuff I was taking for our day's outing. Actually, I thought I did pretty well, but it did take 2 diaper bags: one with all the basics & the other for major problems.

I think, though, I'm passing my over-packing habit on to Cade. He needed two stuffed toys, two sport's gear (football/helmet/jersey & baseball/glove), two movies (we watched neither), colors (he didn't do that either), & snacks (we didn't eat those). :)

Okay, I had to insert some humor for you, it really wasn't too bad at all. Camden slept in the car all the way both ways, & Cade slept part of the way both ways, too! Although I'm sure even if they had both screamed the entire time, it would've still been worth it. It was a great day & an awesome trip.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I caught a pic of his dimples & had to share...

Thought this was a good pic of our little sweetie pie...