Monday, August 25, 2008

You have to see this!

Abby's First Day

4th Grade

Here she is in her new outfit and pedicure ready to learn! She did not have any fun stories like her cousins did. She said she had a good day. She was so excited about riding the bus and then all the kids coming to her moms room to hang out!

"Cars" shoes

Cade is so lucky to have a cousin just one year older who shares his coolest out-grown these "Cars" shoes that he must wear every day! Thank you, Brady!

When he outgrows them to the point that they hurt his feet...then will he wear something else???

Cade's first post!

I thought I'd add a little video for our first post. Cade is 22 months old!

I took this video this morning during breakfast...apparently he thinks I must be trying to poison him because he would only eat my cereal, not his cereal in his toddler-size plastic bowl. :) Or maybe it is the skim milk in mine vs his whole milk??? who knows - but he drank every last bit of his cereal milk - so whatever works!

and, yes...I'm hoping that by adding the world's most boring video (to anyone but me, of course!), my sisters will not pressure me to post so often! :) just kidding...enjoy watching my (almost) 2-year-old drink milk.

Visit to Cade's

While I was getting the photos for the swimming blog I ran across the ones from our suprise visit to Cade's last weekend.

We had to go to the city last weekend for pool supplies and on our way home we stopped by to see Cade. (And Kimi and Chad). I told them they would regret moving up north because I'll stop every time I come to the city now. It is right on my way home! Yeah!!!

Of course I'm the rude relative who never calls before I show up! :) I promise to try to be more considerate and at least call when I'm just down the road.

Anyway, they were playing out in the back yard so I got some great shots of the kids. They are really coming along with their new house. It is so beautiful. Kimi and Chad you have an awesome way of decorating and getting this to look so nice. I'm really proud of you guys.

It takes a little bit for Cade to warm up to us. We just don't get to spend enough time together. The kids had fun playing ball and running races. It was a pleasant quick visit.

Enjoy the pictures.

Love Ya

Summer Swimming

Today we had Tim's mom and sister's birthday get together. We had dinner at Jeri's. Then the kids and I came down to our house to swim. We had purchased the volcano this spring but hadn't got it out till this weekend. They love playing on it.
Jessi had her first major science project due on Tuesday. It was to make a cell. She came up with the whole idea. Her dad helped her glue the detail items in her styrofoam ball cell. I think she did a great job.

We are getting ready for a weekend at Yogi Bear's Campground at Lake Eufala. It was really funny. This morning I was looking at the website and saw that it said water and sewer available. I paniced. You know how my camping consists of cable TV and all the luxuries. I wasn't going to stay in a site without even water! Actually Tim and I had discussed it and it would be fine. I called to confirm our reservation and asked them about it. Fortunately, our site is one that is equipped with water and sewer at the site. Whew!!!! Ok maybe I am a camping snob!

We are really looking forward to it. Since buying the "coach" (Tim gets mad when I call it a trailer), we gave up quite a bit of outdoor awning space. I wanted the bigger bedroom slideout for more room inside but in exchange you loose area outside under the awning. We were at Walmart and found one of those stand alone shade deals that has a screen room that will go around it and also a wind blocking canvas sides so it's almost like a tent if you want. I'm anxious to get it up and try it out.

I have been working on food for the weekend. If anyone has any good ideas for something to cook let me know. Right now I'm planning on the hamburger, hot dog, and steak route but it would be fun to do something different.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Love Ya

Friday, August 22, 2008


Well I just wanted to post so I wouldn't get in trouble with Bengi and I could beat Kimi to the punch! : ) I have been busy getting ready for school. Not ready but that's ok I never am, but I always make it! Brandon was in charge this morning he did so good, he even got a picture. Then when I got home Brandon had went to the store today and got Brady's Halloween costume - SPIDERMAN! We haven't taken it off yet! I think we might be wearing it everywhere! Abby comes home tomorrow! I meet her teachers last night - 4th grade they get to switch classes between 3 teachers, so we are excited. And there are about 13 kids that parents work at my school so we arrange a BUS to bring them to us again we are VERY excited! Well Brandon is hosting a Football Draft at our house so I need to go and clean....

First Day of School for Beebe Kids

Wow! Our summer really flew by! It is already time for kids to start school. Here are my precious darlings on their first day of school last Thursday. Aren't they adorable!

Jessi is starting the 7th grade this year.

Jake and Josh are going into the 3rd grade.

Jenni is making her debut in the 1st grade.

Of course Jenni in all her dramatics comes home and goes into her story about the new little boy that sits across from her. Apparently he cried most of the day "like a baby" quoting Jenni. "How am I going to deal with this!" Since then she comes home most days telling us how he told the teacher he hates her and usually has to go to the Principal's office.

The boys have a new to Garber teacher. Jake came home telling me how "HOT" his teacher is. Josh just grins when you ask about her.

This is Jessi's second year in the Junior High Building. So of course this year we are a little smarter than those incoming 6th graders. She was voted class Treasurer yesterday. Yeah Jessi! She also had her first Jr. High Softball game. There were a total of 23 girls that went out for the team. Apparantly they were told if they wanted to play basketball they had to either play softball or run track. I'm guessing the track team will be a little slim on members this year. Jessi played the second game on first base. She caught a line drive for an out and got a great hit. They lost by 2 runs but so did the 8th grade team. That is sort of how he divided it up. The eighth grade played the first game in the double header and the 7th graders played the second.

The other downer for Jessi is that they are supposed to be building a new grade school. They cleared the other building out but haven't done anything yet. So the 3rd, 4th, & 5th grades are in the Junior High Building. So now she has her brothers hanging around in the same building.

Well I better go for now.

Beginning Our Blog

Ok. I have high hopes that my sisters will utilize this as a great place to stay in touch. None of us plan on posting every single day. I just thought it would be fun to have a place to communicate our daily lives or at least the memorable moments of it.

Hope you enjoy our little blog!