Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vesta's in Texas



Thank you, Brady, for the Batman mask. I haven't taken it off yet.

SO the hotel thing was a bit of an adventure for all of us.
Getting Camden to sleep was a nightmare for overly-tired Mom, Dad, & Camden. We will have to figure something out before we do THAT again!

The funny thing was how Cade was processing the hotel thing. He was super excited to help pack his suitcase and insisted on rolling it everywhere himself. Then, after we unpacked it in the hotel & were leaving to visit Brady, he said, "We forgot my suitcase!"
Me, "No, we are coming back to sleep here tonight."
Cade, "Will someone take it?"

However, it was GREAT visiting the St. John's...all worth it!

Easter 2010

6 months old

"Easter Bunny brings money?!"

Our Neighborhood had an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday!
I helped fill & hide the 500+ eggs.

"I thought Mom said she HID the eggs?!"

T-ball, too

Cade is also playing t-ball this spring. He's the youngest on the 4-under "Super Heroes" team. The Coach recruited Chad to help coach because he has been so helpful at practices organizing some actual skills, like batting. LOL

So far, so FUN! The first game was last Thursday and was full of all you'd expect - playing in the dirt, laying in the infield, picking up your own ball after hitting, running the bases in the wrong direction, players taking off into the stands... It is pretty entertaining!

Here is Cade at short-stop ready to play!
Cade wears #1, aren't they so tiny & cute?!
Proud, proud, proud Daddy!