Thursday, June 23, 2011


My plan tonight was to get a video of Cade, and I opted to use our camera instead of the camcorder for the technical ease to use afterwards. Well, user error to blame, the video didn't happen...of course when Cade knocks it to the fence on a pretty young, small, and feminine team and they send him ALL.THE.WAY.AROUND...and he slides into home base. IT WAS AWESOME! I'm so proud, I feel puffed up like a tick, and Chad is over the moon!

Here's the really bad video that I got of the second at-bat (and last of the season) which was a TRIPLE! User error with the start of the video and camera stubbornness with focusing at the end of the all you can really tell is how far he hit it as he runs betweens 1st & 2nd.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 UPDATE on cousins

can't get them to sit still for a picture?? POPSICLES!!

Camden & Ethan @ 1.75 years:

why the looks of disgust??
oh...something over there...

Cade & Brady @ 4 & 5 years:

While the big boys took a quick potty break, the little guys played a game of catch...that actually looked like they knew what they were doing!