Monday, February 18, 2013

The Adventures of Brady's Flat Stanley

WOW!  What a trip!  After being folded and cramped in that little envelope for several days, I was finally opened by the most beautiful little girl.  She straightened out my arms and legs and gave me a loving hug.  Her name is Jennifer.  She is Brady's cousin.  She is 11 years old and goes to school in Northwest Oklahoma at Garber Public Schools. She is in the 5th grade.   Her school is Pre K thru 12th grade!  She will go to the same  school her whole life.  There average students per grade is 25.  That is a total of 350 kids in the whole school.

After getting all stretched out she showed me around her house.  It is a farm house out in the country.  So different from the city where I came from.  When you look out the front door all you see is land.  The next house is over a mile away.  There is so much room to run and play.  They even have a pond on their farm to fish out of. 

Would you believe they keep cows in the yard!   These are some of the calves that have recently been taken away from their mamas.  So they cry (moo) all night long.  They miss their mamas.  Some nights it was hard to sleep.  Jenni says that is just part of living on the farm and you get used to it.

About a year ago Brady's grandpa Bill brought out a bunch of chicks.  Jenni's farm had a building to use as a chicken coop so they fixed it up.  The chicks grew into some very colorful chickens who lay eggs.  I got to help gather the eggs everyday!  Some days they get as many as 13 eggs.  They give/sell some to their friends because they can't possibly eat that many.  Smoky the rooster is in the background.  He is a really nice rooster.  They spend lots of time caring for all their animals.

They even have a pet rabbit!  He was very skittish.  I don't think he knew what to think of me.

Jenni has two brothers Jake and Josh.  They are 13 and are twins.    I got to play video games with them.  Jake has promised to take me fishing in their pond if I come back this summer with Brady.

Brady also has another cousin Jessi.  She is 16 and rarely home.  She plays on a basketball team and they have been in the playoffs.  She is very active so I haven't got to spend much time with her.

The funnest part of Jenni's house is her new puppy.  Her name is Lucy and she is a Golden Retriever.  She likes to chew on everything!  I thought she was going to eat me a couple of times!

On Saturday I went to spend the day with Brady's grandma Kathi. She lives in Garber too.  She makes really good cookies. 

We went to the mall and had lunch.  Their mall isn't anything like our local ones.  Most of the stores are closed.  Only a few remain.  Jenni says she sure wishes she could come home with me to shop!

 After lunch we went to visit Brady's great grandma Chesnut.  She lives in a nursing home and is 89 years old. 

Back at the farm they have a swimming pool and Jenni tried to dunk me.  The water was so cold!  She said I could come back and swim this summer!  I can't wait!

I helped Jenni bake cupcakes.  She is quite the baker.  She got that blue mixer for Christmas from Santa.  That was all she wanted!  She hopes to one day own her own cupcakery!

On Sunday we went to church.  It was a big beautiful church and I was able to meet Pastor Long.  He was the one who gave the sermon.  It was very nice.

Jenni had a Flat Stanley a few years ago too.  If anyone is interested to see where her Flat Stanley went here is the link to her Flat Stanley's Blog.

It was awesome to visit a rural area.  I have seen animals and areas that are so different from the city where we live.  I hope to go visit again this summer.  There is so much to see and do. 

Flat Stanley

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