Sunday, August 9, 2009

Baby Vesta Shower

What wonderful friends you have Kimi! It was so lovely. Everything was beautiful! Even YOU! I love these shots of you but this one is my favorite shot of the day! I was going to the invitation in focus and the background blurred. I think it turned out perfect. I hope you like it!

These are all SOOC (Straight out of camera) I didn't crop or adjust any of the images. I forgot where you sent me the info so I can upload all the photos so everyone can get them. Is it flikr? Call me or text me the infor and I'll get them up ASAP.


chadandkimi said...

it's I'll forward the email.

I love all your fancy tricks with your camera, especially making the background out-of-focus.

chadandkimi said...

Oh, I also love the effect where you are zooming in on MY face to make it look sooo much larger than I know that it is to be the center of attention in the pictures while keeping everything else in perspective. amazing technique, my face really looks large. :)