Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the big 4-0



TravelinGranny said...

Great Job It made me CRY! CRY! CRY!

Bengi said...

That was totally awesome. Thank you so much Kimi!!!!!

A points I noticed.

1. Why do none of my kids look like me?

2. Cade looks exactly like Kimi!!!

3. What was the thought behind the hair in the eighties pictures?

I laughed and cried!!!

chadandkimi said...

Yes, let me explain...

First, I'm dying to hear about your vacation! I hope you blog about it, or even better call, SOON!

So, I bought myself a present for Kati's birthday...it was just coincidence...but we really needed a new computer. After posting that cute pic of you & saying Happy Birthday, it occured to me I could try out my new program to create a video. So I got out all my photo albums & scanned in what I had. It was fun!

1. As Cade & I were looking through albums, he pointed at one of the pictures of me & Bengi saying, "Jake & Brady"!!! So to answer your question...WHAT?! Jenni is SOOO much a mini-Bengi and Jake looks A LOT like you! :)

2. Thanks for saying Cade looks like me - I see it sometimes but it's even better seeing him become his own little person. Like yesterday, watching him playing with Jake & Josh & Jenni and him talking at dinner like one of them...it's sweet.

3. No thought, you were at the mercy of what pictures I have. Sorry I didn't have any pics of OSU graduation, etc. and really, some of the most un-flattering pics were of me. :) Maybe for your 50th, I can do some pre-planning getting pictures from YOUR albums.

So it was my first project with my new programs & watching it over & over, I see so many ways I could've done better. It was fun, though, I'm glad you enjoyed!