Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cade's OU Room

WOW! Props to Chad again for a great room for Cade! He out-did himself on the nursery, and this one is equally magical for Cade. I was nervous about the putting up that giant helmet (a 'fathead'), but it was pretty easy. Cade said, "Wow, that helmet is neat."

The jersey is an autographed Jason White (2003 Heisman Trophy winner) jersey.

Cade's other favorite are the bobble-heads. At night in bed, he is at a bad angle to see the far left one of the shelf with #14, so he says, "I can't see Josh Heupel". Yes, he is learning all their names; we call the little ones with #1 "Cade".

This says it all...Cade loves it!

Boy, Oh, Boy!

The ultrasound was AMAZING! I was so excited & nervous before we went in... Most of the ultrasound was in 2D, the usual ultrasound pics, but it was more like a video than the still shots that you usually get. At the end, she then did some 4D pics (again, 3D but with movement). I think they don't focus on the 3D images too much at this point because they are still so 'primitive' looking, but of course we wanted MORE! So the bad part is that because he & I were moving, by the time she would hit the 'print' button, the great shot would be blurred. SO, here's what we got:
(doesn't it look like he has a stuffed toy giraffe or duck something with him in that pic above?!)


we had some great shots of his hands, including a 3D shot of one by his face! You can't really make it out in this scanned image, though:
they are both right there together, toes to your left. This was one of the first things we saw, so I was thinking, "This kid better spread them before she gets to scanning between his legs!"
3D Back-of-his HEAD:
isn't that crazy looking?! You can see both his ears on the sides of his head.

The funny part:
She wasn't getting a very clear shot between the legs because the cord & sometimes his hand (although that alone might indicate boy-HA!) was down there, so she wouldn't say for the LONGEST time. Then, she finally was showing us the boy parts but said, that could be the cord, though... so I said, "so you're saying there's still a chance!" However, I'm now convinced by the fact that 3 of our pictures say "BOY!!"

The best part:
The physician was WONDERFUL - one of the most reassuring & easy-to-talk-to & genuine physicians I've ever worked with. It is amazing all the things they can see on the tiny (~5 in, ~9 oz baby)! He checked several things for Down's Syndrome which all looked normal, no cleft lip, etc, etc. So, everything looks great, and I am sooo relieved! They said my lab tests for all these things came back negative at the same risk as a 25-year-old, to which I said, "see, Chad? we can have kids for 10 more years!" the labs are specific to the pregnancy, so that really isn't true...I just like to get him all worked up. ;)

The scary part:
We saw this on the in-office ultrasound last week, and I don't know why I tend to keep these things to myself...I'd so much rather have y'all's support & thoughts... Apparently the placenta has implanted low & has developed over the cervix, called "placenta previa". Most of the time it is just low & migrates away from the cervix as the uterus gets larger & larger. So that was something we wanted evaluated on this ultrasound, too. He said it does look like this is the real-deal, so we are going back in 10 weeks to look at it again. What does this mean??? Well, obviously, one could not have a vaginal delivery with a true placenta previa, so women are usually scheduled for a C-section before due date; this was true for me anyway, because of my previous C-section. The MD last week told me to to call her for ANY bleeding; after lots of reading, it could mean that any bleeding could obviously turn into a medical emergency. (Even more reason to be SO glad I'm with a competent physician that I trust.) So if the mere hint of anything resembling blood with this pregnancy already didn't FREAK me out, now it does! So something so severe happening would be rare, and I'm probably more likely to get the 'new flu' but you know how we worry... I could totally be Tina Fey in the movie Baby Mama with the book 101 Things That Can Go Wrong With Your Pregnancy. :) The thing that worries me is that my water broke spontaneously with Cade, so I wonder if that will happen again? My new MD (I need to finish THAT story, too) said she usually schedules repeat C-sections for 1 week prior, but as a Sunday, we would do Monday or Tuesday, September 21 or 22...She said if my water broke before that, I would just go directly to the hospital & have it done then, instead. Gosh, it will be here before we know it!!

So that's the update on the ultrasound. I really am SO excited for a pair of boys. Having sisters is so special, that I can only imagine them having a brother will be the best gift I could give them. OH, and my explanation for taking SOOO long to post...our home computer has died. I was able to revive it long enough to scan & upload my pictures, but it crashed again while I was saving his new webpage, and it again won't come on. I know, go buy a new one already - this has been going on for a while now, & it is something like at least 6 years old!!! so I guess I'll be purchasing a new computer this weekend.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Funniest Joke I've heard in a while.

A wife was telling her husband what she desperately wanted for her 40th birthday. She hinted she wanted something shiny, sleek, and would go from zero to 200 in seconds.....

So he bought her a bathroom scale!

I'm still laughing!!!!!!

Brady TBall Schedule

Indian Spring 2009

Sat 5/2/2009 12:30p
Sat 5/9/2009 12:30p
Sat 5/16/2009 11:00a
Sat 5/23/2009 9:00a

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Abby's 10th Birthday Party!

We had Abby's birthday party today at the skating rink! We had 10 girls and the skating rink to ourselves for about an hour! We then went in to the "private" room to do cake and presents and when they came out the girls were confused why there were other people there! LOL! Never happy! No it was great - THANKS Brandon for setting it all up!

More T-Ball Pics

Hey Batter Batter Swing!




Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Abby!!!!

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday dear Abby
Happy Birthday to You!!!!

Now your in double digits. There's no going back now girl! Hope you have a great day! Love you very very very much.


Oh my gosh! You guys can not imagine how incredible this show is. I got goose bumps on my arms no less than 6 times during the show. The costumes were incredible and the stage props mesmerizing. Everytime I would look down at Jake he was on the edge of his seat watching intently to what was going on. It was awesome!

We were late by my standards getting going to the city because it took AT&T 3 1/2 to set up six phones. Hope there service is better than the initial setup. We walked in the door at 12:50 and Tim started home at 4:15. So now all four kids have phones and Tim and I got I-phones. So now we are a part of the younger generation again right?

We got to Bob and Mom's and had chicken for dinner which was delicious. Then we took some pictures, toured the new motorhome, and then headed downtown.

We had such a great time. Thank you mom and Bob for an incredible evening!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Ok after cleaning up my desk from tax season today, I did some experimenting with my pictures.

Here is the original.

Now see where I removed her earring hole in her ear and I made her eyes more violet.

Ok here is Josh as it was originally shot. Notice the yellow tint to his teeth and the eye color.
See the added blue to his eyes and the crisp white smile.

Here is the photo I did for Albert's Birthday. I just love the one cow that just stopped and looked at me.
I printed this one for Tim, I titled it "The Pitching Lesson"

These two are close ups using the macro settings on the camera. I think these are amazing!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Its a BOY!!!!!
Ethan James!!!

His Big Foot - 1 Whole Inch

His PeePee!

Such a big boy!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just Jumping

Well tonight was the first night in quite a while where I was able to spend my evening just hanging out with the kids. I took my camera out and was able to get some fun shots!

Jake be nimble, Jake be quick, Jake jump over a tree?

What a cheerleader in the making!

Here's my jumper!

Jessi was at softball practice so no shots of her.

Here is another favorite. Tim was teaching the boys how to pitch tonight. Priceless moments in life.

Congratulations Kati on the baby boy. They are so precious! I wouldn't trade mine for anything!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy April 15th!

Hopefully this means taxes slow down for Bengi, and it is the deadline for two big projects at work for me. So I am looking forward to getting my free time back & no more working way too late at home at night. WOO-HOO!

Simultaneously, we've had a couple other big things going on, in addition to my biggest daily project - creating life! :) Which is the source of my current dilemma & reason to post... As you may know, I am trying to fire my current Ob-Gyn; I like her & was happy with her care when she delivered Cade. However, since I switched to her because my regular doc had to close her practice due to her own new medical illness, I haven't been completely satisifed. This last visit was really the last straw, and I do not intend to return to her.

SO...I love Lakeside Women's Hospital but wasn't sure which other MD in my original doctor's group I should switch to. I found an MD at Mercy who several people have recommended; I have been in the process to get records to her for about 10 days now, but I hadn't yet heard she was willing to accept me & schedule an appointment. Meanwhile, this weekend, I got a very strong recommendation for an MD at Lakeside in my original doctor's group. So, with no news on the Mercy MD, I called this morning to see if THEY would accept me. (I kinda feel like that Dr. Seuss book, "Will YOU be my Mommy?") OF COURSE, just after leaving all my info there, the Mercy MD calls to schedule me. I guess the Lakeside MD may not accept me, so it may not be a dilemma at all, and I would be perfectly happy with this new MD (I assume) and delivering at Mercy. I just now feel torn...IF they do accept me, for very superficial reasons, I would prefer to deliver at Lakeside. Although I have great reasons to deliver at Mercy, too. For now, I'm scheduled to see the Mercy MD & waiting on the Lakeside MD; I'm just trying to anticipate what I'll do when they call me back & say she'll accept me. hmmm...what do I do???

On the important update...I am scheduled for my ultrasound for Wed 4/29 at 2:40...TWO WEEKS from today...ugh, it's torture waiting to know & see our baby again! :)

Thanks in advance for your advice & support through this frustrating process.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Beautiful Day for A Track Meet

Oh what a beautiful day for a track meet. I get the kids up at 7 each morning. I turned the corner to yell up for them to get up and Jenni popped to the top of the stairs. She was dressed in her track clothes and had her wind suit on top. Her hair was up in pig tails. She said I'm ready I've been up for an hour. She couldn't wait to make her lunch. Yesterday when we were in town she told every check out lady that she was going to a track meet. She was so adorable.

Her first event was the 50 yard dash. She came in 1st! Yeah!

Next she ran the 75 this was 1 and 2nd combined so she didn't do as well here but she was still all smiles.
Jake ran the 75 and the 400. The 400 is all the way around the track. I'm not sure he knew that but he finished. You can see the pain on his face!

They both were in the long jump. They both did really well. I didn't hear if they placed but I got some cool pictures.

Jessi got to get out of school to go help Coach Davis keep all 75 1st thru 6th graders in line and at events on time.

It was an awesome day! By the way how do you like the picture at the top. I took it with my new fish eye lens. Don't you love it!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Here are our Easter day pictures:

and the Easter-Eve OU baseball game:

We went to our Church's Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday & had a great time!

Cade's Easter egg hunting is much improved from last year, but after getting a couple eggs he was ready to go swing...doesn't he know Mom needs some candy, too?!